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A redbull loaded with vodka and drank in the same style as shotgunning a beer. The term is native to Florida State University. Pronounced "why bomb" but the meaning is unknown.
Hey bro I just took like 3 Ybombs in a row

Lets do a Ybomb
by Fuckinbombz November 17, 2013
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A can of redbull loaded with Vodka and shotgunned like you would a beer. Invented at a bar called Yianni's in Tallahassee, FL. The favorite drink of the FSU seminoles.
Don't be a bitch, we're taking YBombs.
by LDN1851 August 09, 2015
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Explosive uncontrollable diarrhea that is alleged to leave behind a mushroom cloud hanging over the used toilet.

The term was first made popular in a 1998 interview with Rolling Stone magazine featuring Eastern European vocalist Yobin Matthews from the 90’s all girl band “Eclipse”.

Yobin explained in the interview that she was known for her explosive diarrhea fits that would often occur at the most inopportune times on tour, making it nearly impossible at times to perform.

Tour manager Jasmine Keyevin confirmed such stories in subsequent interviews that followed the Rolling Stone piece.
“Do not go in there right now! It smells like somebody dropped a Y-bomb!”

“Did WWIII just start, or did somebody drop a Y bomb just now?”
by BigSexyMcCorkle July 07, 2018
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