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Yaxel. Yaxel is a nice guy but acts Like he is not. He is very loyal to his lovers and will do anything for the ones he loves. He is intelligent but acts like he is not. He loves sports and is sometimes energetic when he wants to. When he is sad he doesn’t like to show it so he hides it even tho you can sometimes tell something is wrong. If you have a yaxel don’t leave him because you will regret.
Girl: Yaxel is such a great guy

Other girl : yaxel you retard
by Baby.julieeee October 10, 2018
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1)an expression used to show that one is shocked.
2) another word for boobs
1) "HOLY YAXELS!that was scary"
2) My yaxels itch.
by lizzie2shoes June 27, 2005
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