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The word one uses when he/she is excited about an event that just occurred. Its origins can be traced back to the University of Miami where a student was excited, but did not want to be like everyone else, so instead of saying the routine, "Yahtzie!" He decided to change it to "Yatters!"

Variations include the following: "Yattersville, population me," "Yattersville, population me and only me," "Welcome to the YF (Yatters Foundation)," and last but certainly not least, "Give me a blowie, Yatters dipset gooch 9er dip."

Sally and Roberto are playing beer pong against ken and sam. Sam makes the winning shot and sam and ken both scream, "YATTERS!" in unison.

Sam and Ken are speaking about females while ken accuses sam of being gay. In response sam reverses by saying that the true gay person is of course ken himself and he's just frustrated. Therefore, sam knows he has just won the argument, even though there is nothing wrong with being gay, but he must scream, "Yattersville, population me and only me!"
by Sam Anzel October 20, 2006
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