aboriginal term for marajuana
**Note - aboriginal as in indigenous australians
all he does all day is sit around and smoke yarndi
by Notorious L.A.C. January 17, 2006
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A common term used by aboriginal Australians to define Cannabis. The slang is becoming more popular among non-indigenous Australian smokers.
"Hey brother, you got any Yarndy?"

"No bro, but I'm getting on to a Fitty later if you wanna come over."
by Indica Man May 10, 2008
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A football club/group/association, established in 2019 with the sole goal of reaching Division 1 in Fifa 20 Pro Clubs. Yarndy FC nowadays is a local phenomenon known for their gaming and sporting excellence, also heavily known by appearing at social gatherings with a one in all in mentality.

A famous date in the history of Yarndy FC is the 30th of January 2021. This marks the day Yarndy FC founder, captain an legend Blake Rogers lifted the Fifa 21 Division 1 Pro Clubs Title. This achievement cemented the club among the elite in the world.
Throughout the years Yarndy Football Club have had many players chuck in the famous green and red; some of the most notable being:
Great White Pig
Abuzar Castillo
Der Is Bearcum
Heung Min Ston
The Taxi

Lara’s TopBins
The Timp
Darren Salt
Superman Bugmy
Leonardis Lambrakis

Bob Barker
Afro Jack

Riley Jennings
Big Orse
Mike Coxlong
Sleep Paralysis

Adrian Nthethe
John Cena

The Ratman of Southend
Big Bum

and finally coach Scoot Rogers
“ When Lionel Messi retires will he have any regrets?”
“Yes, he never proved himself against Yarndy FC”
by Der Is Bearcum March 12, 2021
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