A term for members of the union during the civil war, but still used by southerners making fun of the norths bland food and squeaky accents.
Southern Guy: Look at that yankee, fuckin tree hugger.
by SOUTHERNPRIDE June 10, 2005
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The most overpaid assholes in the MLB.
Their fans are also the biggest bandwagoning idiots EVER.
by hello May 09, 2004
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a northerner that have very thick accents and are often quite stuck-up. They typically think that they are walking geniuses and act like they know EVERYTHING which can be quite irritating. Yankees often think they have the right to travel to southern states and get the 'right' to try to correct southern 'rednecks' on how to speak, or what 'proper' grammar is. Yankees are often very judgemental of the southern 'rednecks' and put many of them down because they have accents or dont use proper grammar when really it's just the way that the southerners were raised, and assume that all southerners are 'uneducated, incestuous, and racist'. Yankees also have problems admitting when they are wrong and saying sorry, instead they choose to be smartasses about things.

(not all northerners/yankees are like this, but the vast majority of them are)
yankee: excuse me but please use proper grammar in MY presence (even though I'm the one that has traveled all the way to YOUR area I still have the right to correct you, cause like, I'm better than you) okay?
by msc28 December 20, 2010
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1. In the United States: Someone from up North.

Stereotypically, someone who is stuck up and loud who hates Southerners. In reality, they are just people who have a high tolerance for the cold.

2. A player or fan of the New York Yankees beseball team.

In some people's opinion, this team is amazing. In others, this team is a horrible representation of the game.

3. In other countries: An American

Stereotypically, someone who is stupid, egotistical, self-gratifying, and distructive. In reality, this type of yankee has a variety of charictaristics. Some match the above description stated, and some are people who care about the world around them, are knowledgable of American AND world history, and are deeply hurt when others call us, "obese retards who will destroy the world." Some of us enjoy blending in in foreign countries and are pleased when (for example) a French waiter stares at you in shock, after displaying perfect knowledge of French eating habits and having a perfect accent and admitting an American heritage.
1. Southerner: *glares at annoying person* Stupid Yank.

2. Me: Wahoo!!! Yankees!!!

My sister: (dressed in Mets gear) *SHOCK!!!* NOOO!!! MY OWN SISTER??? A YANKEES FAN?? NOOOOOOO!!

3. Me: Je voudrais un croque-monsieur, s'il vous plait.

Garcon: *well, thats obvioulsy not a stupid yank*

Me: *what would he say if he knew i was an American*
by Carleigh94 January 02, 2010
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People who are born and/or raised in the Northeast or the Midwest, with those people possessing qualities of a Northerner.

Yankees are usually found in and are from the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.
The Mason-Dixon Line plays a very slight role in determining who is and isn't a Yankee, because the Mason-Dixon Line was an imaginary border that was designed to legally set the boundaries of the states allowing slavery, and of the non-slavery states; not determining North and South.
The states that contain the most real yankees are all of the New England states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.
I am a devout, true-to-heart Yankee, and damn proud of it.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 17, 2005
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The most egotistical group of athletes to ever hit the major leagues. The Yankees suck not because the play badly, but because they are not a team they are a business.
A Yankee fan's contribution to baseball chat rooms is limited to "Red Sox suck" and "1918."

by Raych September 19, 2004
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1) A group of millions of Americans, that are from the Northern states of the USA.

2) What british people call americans.
also called yanks
1) Some southerners are tired of the huge yankee migration that's coming down south.

2)British dude: I just saw 2 yankees..
by ac August 02, 2005
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