A northerner who hates The South, the Confederate flag and everything The South stands for.

A yankee is especially someone from New York City or New England.
If you don't like the way we do things down here you yankees are free to take I-95 north back to New York Shitty!
by RebRebel September 01, 2008
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The absolutley most fucked up piece of ball suckers ever in the world of sports. Their fans can go suck Derek Jeter's cock, as George steinbrenner buys all of his players for 200 million dollars. Sheffield, Giambi, rodriguez, and all those other assholes obviously use steroids. The yankees suck balls!
the yankees Derek Jeter is cheating on alex rodriguez with Jason Giambi.
by ubd September 26, 2005
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a person who lives north of the mason dixon line, basically any state that fought on the union's side in the civil war (the northerners)
My mom doesn't want me to go to school up north because i'll meet a yankee and marry him.
by kitsy May 09, 2005
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The word originally comes from a word for midwesterners known as "Jan Kaas" or dutch for John Cheese, as many of them made cheese such as in Wisconsin. It gradually became a word for any northerner.

Someone who pretends to be left-leaning and to like art but actually minimizes the danger of everything in an institutional fashion, perhaps from Catholic/Jehovas Witness/Episcopalian influence, but still pops into a sex-club on Saturday regardless of the institutional religious background he or she may come from. The yankee may feel like he won the American civil war even though he is only a second generation Italian/Jew/Irishman. Their rent tends to be higher than other areas.
The Yankee mayor of New York Giuiliani stated he didn't want anymore artists moving to New York City.
by americanpoophead May 18, 2015
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One of the most hated teams in baseball for one reason: they're good. Yankee haters all come up with one reason for why they are good because they are too stupid to figure something else out. That reason is Money. Well isn't boston a big city? hmm don't they have the SECOND highest payroll in the league? And People are mad because the yankees actually have a lot of fans. Hey Boston, go win some World series and You might get some more fan base, until then go think of another curse for why you won't be winning any more world series for a while.
Red Sox Fan: YANKEES SUCK!!!
Yankees Fan: Well at least we don't blame our losing on a guy whos been dead for over 50 years. What will it be next time? The curse of the no talent baseball team?
by asdf2222 August 18, 2005
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A people who migrate to the south because there are more jobs, a stronger economy, better food, and better weather. They also insist on bringing their loud, rude, arrogant, ways with them all the while complaining that home was so much better. They are in a perpetual frantic rush. They talk very fast. They refuse to assimilate to southern culture but expect southerners to do things their way. They are horrible drivers. They do not give firm hand shakes. In the North eye contact is considered a threat.They find the word "Ya'll" offensive but use the word "Youse" in the exact same context. They are tacky dressers. Women have teased hair and outfits that southerners let go of in the 80's. Men rarely open doors for women. Men wear gold jewelry, loafers, and slacks but look down on southerners for wearing boots and jeans. They don't want to live in the South for fear of being "Land-Locked" but many don't swim. They hate Country music because they have no idea what Real Country Music is. Yankees think pick-up trucks and those that drive them are ignorant. They can't conceive that some one might want to drive a pick-up simply because they don't want to drive a car. They don't know that traditionally the term "Red Neck" is a compliment. They don't know the difference between a Red Neck, White Trash, and a Good Ol' Boy or which one a Guido is closely related to. There is no such thing as Northern pride and therefore they can't even begin to understand Southern pride.
Did you see that guy tailgating me at 90 miles an hour? He drives like a Yankee.
by L612 February 24, 2010
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1. Any persons from a northern state, who takes it upon themselves to put down southern states (and southern residents) by making illogical comments.
2. A loud mouth who can't resist that urge to put down southern states by using out-dated stereotypes and offensive terms.
1. "This new dick head at school must be a yankee"
2. " I thought I heard a pissed off bird, but it was just a Yankee squawking about The South, which ironically is where they just moved to."
by 3xRRR March 01, 2008
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