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An alliterative term referring, via innuendo, to male ejaculate. Used when other forms of alliteration for this purpose have been exhausted.

A hip, crafty way to refer to masturbating to get teens interested in what you're saying through the use of humor and wit.
"I'm writing this soon-to-be-bestselling teen novel and I need a rad way to say 'jizz', but I've already used 'man-mustard', 'girth-gravy', 'spank-sauce', 'ball-bullion', 'fap-fondue', 'shaft-soup', and 'junk-juice'. If I can't find at least one more innuendo to refer to jerking off, my book will fall flaccid! I just don't know what to do!"

"Why not use 'yank-yogurt'?"

"'Yank-yogurt!' How could I have forgotten??!!"

*bestselling author*
by lambpasty May 30, 2013
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