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fat ugly kid unable to get girls or even guys. likes to go around thinking they are the best person ever when they really just suck. weak, fat,lazy, and small penis are all things that follow ppl with this name. girls find them ugly and guys just kick the crap out of them. wears glasses, likes sports and seems to work in banks. also seem to think pimping out there cars are cool, when who cares. they have a need to rub shit in ppl faces by buying the newst cellphones and other things. this kind of person is nothing more then the scum of the earth.

unable to perform sex bc of ugly looks and small penises, they rezort to porno's or sex toys. any girl with a yakoff is also very ungly and unable to find anything better do to being to slutly for other guys.
yo that kid thinks hes all that fixing out his car but still nothing but a yakoff!
by haterofdumbasses February 06, 2008
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Waste time using the location based anonymous forum Yik Yak
I was so bored at work so I started yaking off

I don't know what to do while I wait, guess I'll just Yak Off
by Orng912 October 09, 2014
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