A Greeting , Just Living Life How You Want , Yaad Is Also A Gang Affiliated Zone 6 Young Niggas.
Yaad .. Whats Popping Bro ?


by YAAD NATION March 19, 2019
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The hebrew word for purpose, goal, objective, aim; destination, destiny. Yaad is a tall, dark, and handsome man full of love. Yaad is every girl's dream.
He was my destiny, my Yaad
Yaad is a peanut
by Peanut's girl February 5, 2010
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When Joseph said something mean, I said: YAAD.
by Meeex1991 June 15, 2011
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Ya Ain't All Dat! Someone typically female that thinks they are above someone else, or that they possess exceptional qualities when it's simply not true; a Delusional braggart...
That girl was so delusional as she continued to boast, not realizing she was just a YAAD!

Stop wasting your time with that trick she is YAAD!
by Apraxia13 March 16, 2017
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Yaade, a beautiful, smart girl or boy. Hates clingy people but love people that are adventurous and are dare devils. They don't like shy, quiet, or not outgoing people. Most likely are foodies. They are never are sad or depressed they always are happy. They are sensitive but don't like too sensitive people
I love Yaades because they are so outgoing
by Imasavageunicorn March 1, 2018
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