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an aztec name commonly used in mexico. it is the mispelling and much tighter version of the name xochitl. usually the name of a sexy latina. your name is xochilt? how do you say that?
2.haha xochilt the palm tree!
3.damn, i wanna hit that xochilt right THURRR.
by Xochilt April 04, 2008
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A very sexy girl with a rockin body if you get to be with her keep her she is very crazy she is very loud once you get to meet her she is nice girl but if she gets upset she won’t talk to you she is also very caring all she want is love in her life her bestfriend will all ways love her you will have the time of your life with her every second you are with her you will live it with the fullest
by Jesus ass December 04, 2017
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Xochilt is the aztec name for the ancient and legendary tentacle monster Cthulhu.
Girl: she's a panty sniffer.

Boy: who is?

Girl: Xochilt. It also means Cthulhu in the ancient Aztec language.

Boy: I think I had that on my scrabble board once . . .
by Pennyforurthots September 01, 2017
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