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A group of mutants under the direction of Scott Summers who go places and do things the X-Men can't, or wont, do. They are gnarly in all aspects, and kill stuff with mad style. The team itself is led by Wolverine (Logan, James Howlett), the rest of the team is comprised of Warpath, X-23, Archangel, Elixir, Vanisher, Domino, and Wolfsbane.
Sean Adams: Dude! X-Force!
Iain Chisholm: Dude. I know.

Sean Adams: X-23 is a babe.
Iain Chisholm: Dude. I know. Do you think being able to jump really high is a mutant power?
by illskrilla April 09, 2010
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Not be the same as Deadpool2, but where you spend money on force rims instead of fixing your shitty exhaust. If I can hear your bad rocker arm tapping in traffic with the wind blowing. You failed at being anything. Gaskets are cheap but your rims aren't dont be that guy, GUY
YEEE YEEE XFORCE coming thru with my shitty exhaust, but I got them force wheels.
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