They wish they could beat Pitt in sports. Can't beat Pitt in basketball, won't beat them in football. They burn couches when they win games, fuck their cousins when they lose (which is always more prevalent). Their basketball team is going to be nonexistant after all the shooters graduate.
Hick#1: Did Ya'll see Pittsnogle score zero points against them niggas from PITT? Lets' go WVU

Hick#2: Wheres cousin Maybelle?
by P-I-T-T Lets go Pitt March 30, 2006
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The University in West Virginia that is home to one of the largest upsets in college football. Prematurely had riot police on hand, ordered RV's, and celebrated. However, they were able to get their asses handed to them, and cry. The under 500 team of PITT beat them in the 100th annual backyard brawl (a spread of 28 to 1 was predicted in favor of WVU). This led to riots in the streets of Oakland on December the 1st, 2007.
Pitt students rioted after the horrendous playing by the WVU football team.

Let's burn some couches, we just beat WVU mountainqueers!

Even if WVU beat us, we at Pitt would still have our education and decency.
by Hannah T. December 03, 2007
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a mispelling of wuv which is a derivitive of love; to show a friendly gesture
I wvu all!
by Korper February 06, 2003
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The school pride that one has at West Virginia University. They dress up for sporting events, and chant while your in attendance, which causes your voice to stay at the arena and not return on the PRT with you.
Mike: hey man wheres your voice?
John: I am experiencing the after effects of WVU-ism
Mike: At least you can show you have pride
John: Of course I have school pride
by maniacWVU November 18, 2010
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Also known as a Bandwagoneer. The most dedicated college football fans in the USA. They love their team even though they don't know why. More often than not the WVU fan will have absolutly no connection to the school itself. In the state of WV one can often see bellies stretching out beer-stained WVU shirts, greasy mullets kept warm by dirty WVU hats, broken down S-10's adorned with the WV emblem, govt representatives wearing a leather WVU jacker, and church-goers wearing their best WVU sweatshirt.

Normally the WVU fan is more likely to get a DUI in Morgantown than an AA, AS, BA, or BS; much less an MS, MD, JD, etc.
Normal Person: Did you go to WVU?

WVU Fan: Naw, I dropped outta high school.

Normal Person: You must have family that went there?

WVU Fan: Ugh Ugh, my brother went to some fancy college outta state, my sis went to Marshall, my paw took a couple of classes at tech, my wife goes to WVSU, my uncle went to UC, and my girl wants to go to Mountain State.

Normal Person: Oh, you must live close to Morgantown.

WVU Fan: Nope, I live right outside Huntington.
by coaldigger February 03, 2010
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Community college located in Morganhole, WV. This college has one of the highest populations of gay males in the country. WVU also has a large following of retards. Many of the fans are delusional with lots of talk about non-existent championships. New head coach is possible mutant.
by Steve Slaton January 09, 2009
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