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A "Wuggle Snuggle" is a term used to describe a person (usually a girl) of adorable emotional sweetness and affection. Their personality is so charming that it is capable of disarming even the hardiest of hearts, overpowering our romantic nature and exposing our own senses of desire and vulnerability at the sight of such endearing cuteness.
You could be watching a Romantic Comedy in the cinema and you witness the lead character do something intensely vulnerable or cute; such as waiting in the rain outside someone's door all day to give them a gift of incredible sentimental resonance. When we see this character in all their vulnerability, we fall in love with them just as the romantic interest (or co-star) does in the film. The audience might react by curling their toes, put their hands up to their face, or by muttering; "aw that's so cute! She is such a wuggle snuggle." We desperately want to reach out and hug the character too, but we can't, because it's just a film. Instead we might hug a cushion on the sofa, whimper into a tissue, or embrace the person next to us in the cinema.
by UltanCourtney July 20, 2014
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