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what the fuck <killed, brutalized>
usually used in the place of regular pwnd when your death or beating was suprisingly fast or gruesome.
holy clown SHIT! you just got wtfpwnd!! (also: wtfowned, wtfownd, wtfpwned, wtfownt or wtfpwnt)
by batman October 08, 2003
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1. When one is obliterated beyond recognition for no apparent or suitable reason.
2. The act of saying WTF and being pwnd simultaneously in such a fashion that leaves the person in woe and misery.
3. A slang term used by horny boys that attend school's in Orange County to describe their nature of existence.
1. Shit! That chick just totally WTFpwnd my ass!
2. 'I just got WTFpwnd!' says Marshall. Jimmy says, 'Man, nobody likes you.'
3. 'I got WTFpwnd' says Brandon. The Chorus says 'We know, he told everyone.'
by WTFpwnddaily2 August 26, 2008
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This is pretty much Thados on the Tichondrius server of WoW.
"We were testing our parashoots to see who would fall further." WTFPWND!
by SayaDjinn February 26, 2005
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