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A cross between "Whatever" and "what the fuck".
Wtfever dude, you're the bitch who started this crap.
by anonimo June 08, 2004
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An embellishment of the commonly used "whatever", wtfever is typically not used to end an argument, but to accelerate it.
"Dude, this is so your fault."
"Wtfever, you're the one who came up with this bright idea."
by Mikey Mike September 12, 2003
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shortened version of the saying "what the fuck ever". a mix between "whatever" and "what the fuck"

"d00d, you are such a fucking n00b"

"ugh, wtf ever man, youf the n00b..."

"guys thats t0tallY br00talll"
by AYPRIL August 08, 2007
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also comonly used as: whatever, talk to the hand, yo mama, etc..
Guy: I uhh... have a headache, so uhh... I'm going to go out with my boys tonight, instead of hanging out with you, is that cool?

by Leah June 23, 2004
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What the fuck fever. Whenever someone simply goes into a mode of operation where he cannot say anything but wtf due to their cluelessness about some situation. He/she will go into an outburst of "wtf, wtf..." ad infinitum for the entire day, week or even month.
Jake just had a what the fuck fever where he just said wtf as many times as he could in a day
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its like whatever, but with more passion! i tend to say this when im really pissed off!
you think i suck? wtfever, you suck!
by wtfever October 09, 2004
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An online play on words, in this case on WTF. It simply means a high fever. Not to be confused with Wtf ever.
I was so sick I had a wtfever of 103 degrees!
by Michael Filo May 07, 2006
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