Was driving around and saw a WSW waiting on the corner of Hollywood and Vine...
by BoredGuy August 15, 2003
WESTSIDE WITCHES, also known as WW.
those WSWs are hella tight.
by HELLADOPE February 20, 2006
West Side Warriors -- a gang moniker of what is supposedly the entire west side of the city of Wilmington, CA. Rivals of the East Side... um... Elephants? Epileptics?

Wannabe gangbanger kids occasionally spray WSW onto homes, fences, walls and sidewalks, intimidating no one and annoying whoever ends up having to paint over it. Like me.
Wall: "WSW"

Me: "Shit."
by Got one. December 1, 2007
Who's saying what
Mike: I'm going to see who's around by posting wsw on my story
Bill: Sound bro
by fmlicbalol October 27, 2021
Acronym for "women support women"
I'll tell Susan her boyfriend is cheating on her, WSW. She deserves better
by nat_zrt January 8, 2021