Short for r/WallStreetBets, a bunch of people who try to play the stock market by making insane bets and bragging about how bad they did, while fun of other people for it.
i yolo'd on APPL and lost 200%, WSB will love this.
by WhoAteMyButter November 9, 2019
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My law partner has a total WSB.
by B. B. Smith January 4, 2009
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WSB stands for 'Woodley sex beast.' This is a certain disease found among certain boys. You're likely to find that boys with this disease rubbing their private areas on you whilst deep in sleep, jumping on you when you mention certain body parts, and trying to rape you the second they wake up in the morning with their 'morning glory' pointing skyward proudly :)
'He tried to rape me every second of the day... I think he has WSB'
by BUMM ^-^ August 7, 2008
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The ultimate in cool. To do something to the limit and do it in style. Came into being from a group in London renown for WSB'ing it all over the globe.
lets WSB it in here tonight.
by Honest March 10, 2005
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WSBS also known as weird spiritual body sex. This is the act of setting up candles and having sex with different parts of your body. Letting your inner spirit be free.
"Hey babe... Light the candles. It's about to get weird."
"wsbs again?!"
by The Ham Wacker August 3, 2013
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