wrong    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (rông, rng)

1. Not in conformity with fact or truth; incorrect or erroneous.
a. Contrary to conscience, morality, or law; immoral or wicked.
b. Unfair; unjust.

3. Not required, intended, or wanted: took a wrong turn.
4. Not fitting or suitable; inappropriate or improper: said the wrong thing.
5. Not in accord with established usage, method, or procedure: the wrong way to shuck clams.
6. Not functioning properly; out of order.
7. Unacceptable or undesirable according to social convention.
8. Designating the side, as of a garment, that is less finished and not intended to show: socks worn wrong side out.


1. In a wrong manner; mistakenly or erroneously.
2. In a wrong course or direction.
3. Immorally or unjustly: She acted wrong to lie.
4. In an unfavorable way. See Synonyms at amiss.


a. An unjust or injurious act.
b. Something contrary to ethics or morality.

a. An invasion or a violation of another's legal rights.
b. Law. A tort. See Synonyms at injustice.

3. The condition of being in error or at fault: in the wrong.
If Carla was mean to Butch... That would be the WRONGEST thing she ever did!
by Butch Young October 20, 2003
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When something is too dumb to jus be wrong, or the most wrong, it is /the wrongest/.
by gøner.kyle July 10, 2017
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