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1. Demolition derbies, monster truck rallies, dynamiting of large buildings or rock-faces, and any other events that involve massive/noisy destruction.
2. Entertainment that includes drinking, gambling, drug use, etc, and/or which involves the unwise/excessively-wearing operations of vehicles or other equipment, causing the participants’ lives to be partially/totally ruined by debt, destroyed/damaged property, jail time, lost employment, interpersonal conflict, etc.
Juiced-up dude, eagerly admiring another young man’s shiny “jacked up” 4X4 pickup truck: “Cooool… nice set o’ WHEELS, Man… hey, wanna join me in the big mud-running contest this Saturday?”
Truck’s owner: “No thanks, Pal --- no insult whatever to you or your buddies, but I wanna keep this truck in mint condition for as long as possible, so I’m just using it for regular off-roading only… this baby ain’t goin’ for no wreckreation while I’m at th’ wheel!”
by QuacksO August 12, 2013
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Outdoor recreation that impacts flora and fauna.
Industrial wreckreation oligarch Yvon Chouinard of Patagucci recently penned a neoliberal op-ed that lead to the Outdoor Industry Association “leaving” Utah to seek another venue for their conventions.
by Zinwhit February 26, 2017
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