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It is a “term of endearment”, giving to one ex-wife that has screwed you, a man over, taking, his kids, his house, his furniture, his clothes, his business equipment, and his dog. She has caused him to lose his job(s) and keeps him from finding any meaningful employment, or any job to pay his child support, so she has him arrested and thrown in jail, she is a completely unfair, lying and discussion two timing person.
Miriam, (we will say Miss Smith) demands to know when you are going to pay her child support so she can purchase a new car for herself. Mrs. Smith, "Keith, I want my money now, all of it, or you are going to jail”. Keith, “but I will lose my job and I am paying the best I can”. Miss Smith, “who gives a shit!” “I want my money now, and I want that solid gold crown tooth that you had taken out of your mouth, that you had since you were a child, I want that, it was to be mine, you own me.” Tom, "who is that ugly mean bitch." Keith, "that is my x-wife, she is such a worthless bitch! She never does anything to earn money, just takes it from the kid’s child support money and uses it for herself. Tom, you were actually married to that? Tom, I agree, she comes across as a stupid worthless bitch. Tom, I bet you are glad to be out of that marriage." Keith, "Yes, I am glad I only have to put up with that shit from a distance, that worthless bitch!
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by Billy BullSchitter April 05, 2017
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