(n) in opposition to, "The Greatest Generation" (which refers to the Americans who fought in, and won, WWI) and refers to the teens that are alive in the year 2012.

They are considered the worst generation of all time, as they have grown up with Facebook, Stickam, high-speed internet, smartphones, 100+ cable TV channels, NetFlix, etc. -- all which have led them to a sedentary lifestyle which has contributed to their laziness, obesity, lack of social skills, sense of entitlement, etc.

They have seen celebrity teens become famous, and rich, overnight and before their eyes, and they seem to feel that they deserve to have the same fame and fortune... which leads many of them to cop a diva attitude.
I tried to get Tanisha and Britney to go golfing with us, but they have their faces glued to their Facebook pages and "Keeping up with the Kardashians", and they basically told me to eff off.

"What do you expect? They're part of The Worst Generation."
by mike87111 October 5, 2012