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Worm-squirm. n. The act in which two or more males insert their flacid penises into a woman's vagina and then wiggle them into erections; At this point the worm-squirm is over and a double/multiple penetration commences. Often the insertion is aided by a rod or other plunging-type device. (see also worm-squirming, worm-squirmed)
W. and his new friend wanted to make their friendship official and decided to worm-squirm the foreign exchange student in their German class.
by m55555555 June 29, 2011
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Wormsquirm is the maneuver politicians and leaders sometimes exercise when they find themselves regretting their prior support for a person or policy who has suddenly fallen from grace. Even though the sins of the person or the faults of the policy may be severe, the politician tries to squirm out of "guilt by association" by using weasel words and various excuses.
During the 2016 USA presidential election, when Donald Trump's 2005 video surfaced in which he bragged about grabbing p-ssy, some prominent Republicans like Senator McCain withdrew their support, while others did the wormsquirm, criticizing his words but maintaining support for his candidacy.
by Songpoet October 14, 2016
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