A word or short phrase used as a verbal crutch when speaking, like "um", "uh", "er", "like", "y'know", etc. They also allow one to pause to consider one's next words without breaking the flow of a delivery.

Word whiskers are a nearly universal phenomenon in extemporaneous speech. Because they can convey uncertainty, create verbal clutter, and can cloud meaning, eliminating word whiskers is a common element of training for public speaking.

Word whiskers are synonymous with "filler words".
She'll never be chosen as anchor for the 5pm broadcast until he gets rid of all those word whiskers in her delivery.

For such an accomplished politician, she uses a surprising number of word whiskers when speaking to constituents.

His speech had so many word whiskers it was hard to find any content in it at all!
by AstroWright May 20, 2014
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An irrelevant, meaningless word or noise that is interjected into speech when the speaker has run out of words, but is determined to keep on speaking.

The outward symptom of a serious psychologically induced speech impediment.
Well, um... I er, ah, well you know, like it's like this you see, I really don't have anything to say. But it makes me feel really important to hear myself talking.


Well fuck, you shoulda fuckin been there. He fuckin said fuck, and she fuckin said fuck what. And he fuckin said, fuck that! Not fuck, but fuckin fuck because I didn't fuckin really mean fuck. And she fuckin asked him when was he gonna get fuckin serious about fuckin puttin his fuckin dick where his fuckin mouth is? He didn't fuckin know whether to fuckin go suck himself or get fuckin laid!
by Downstrike November 14, 2004
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