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Originating from MMorgs such as World of Warcraft. Woot meaning a cheer of joy/accomplishment; sauce, meaning flavorful and spreadable.

A form of happiness you wish to spread produced from an accomplishment or a joyous occasion.
Like omgzorz we wtfbbqpwned Ragnaros. WOOTSAUCE everyone!!!
by Alai October 16, 2005
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A extreme form of the word "woot," often used to celebrate a joyous occasion.
"Zomg I just got my Nintendo Power in the mail today!!! Wootsauce!!!"
by Daywalk3r July 17, 2006
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the best sauce in the world, used for awesome things that generally force you to unvoluntarily say, "WOOT!"
Me: Wootsauce! Friend: What?!? Me: Sorry, I got excited.
by bluewaffleeater July 07, 2010
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