The term wootcakes commonly spelled like w00t with two zeroes instead of "O". This term is to exclaim great happyness such as the word w00t but with a more happy inflection and usually puts the user is in a good mood.
Wootcakes, Adam exclaims as he headshots his best friend in Counter Strike
by Adam Hill April 08, 2007
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1. an expression of happiness or joy
2. joyful pancakes, incredibly awesome pancakes
1. dude, that party was totally Woot cakes!
2. I just had the best Woot cakes.
by Spencer19 February 16, 2009
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the first definition of woot cakes is a combination of the words woot and pankcakes. I created it when I was at camp and I was thinking of pancakes and woot came into my head so I so I shouted out "Woot Cakes!" Woot Cakes it used as an expresion of happyniss and joy, or to express how cool something is.

the second definition is a slang for a Pizzelle
Call of duty 4 is Woot cakes!
That Party was Woot Cakes!

That was the Best Woot Cakes Ever!
by Spencer19 February 17, 2009
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