Woolly thinking. This is the art of thinking with your head full of clouds. Not "Clear" thoughts, but rather those done through the mist of not concentrating on what you are doing, and if you had the time to think clearly, you would realize that what you are doing is just plain daft
Woolly Thinking
Sawing a branch off a tree whilst sitting ON that branch

Thinking "Autocruise" drives the car for you

Anyone who has read the website dedicated to "Darwin Awards" will know tha many of them wernt thinking straight..
by Brian SilverDragon July 11, 2006
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An underused word that a small percentage of the internet has grabbed ahold of and will use as a means to belittle others.

Predominantly written on mailing lists and discussion groups regarding technical issues, "woolly thinking" will frequently be used as a subtle way to say someone is thinking in an inferior way.

Unfortunate victims are seeking help and have a genuine desire to learn. "Wooly thinking" is a ruse phrase. The writers goal is to make a snide remark repeatedly in an effort to instill fear in those asking questions. It can also be used as a superiority complex reinforcement tactic.

Those using this phrase are technically competent, but socially inept. This is easy to prove as mailing list and discussion forum traffic goes down on holidays, though the use of the phrase "woolly thinking" increases. This often can be attributed to the writer long ago becoming "that guy", which no one wants around on the holidays.

Civilized people with good moral attributes don't feel the need to bestow their self proclaimed superiority on others by using a phrase most have no idea the definition of. Real men and women come out and call someone stupid if they are behaving stupid.
It is your woolly thinking that is causing your failure.

What is the real question, not the woolly thinking within your question?
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