Paying homage to 80's Top Gear legend William Woollard, you need to look intense with a foot on the bumper, delivering your piece,
Wow, those grey slacks, Hush Puppies and nice leisure jacket, you must be of out for a spot of Woollarding!!!
by pookeymonkey April 18, 2013
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A name of english descent meaning "Wolf Guardian".

Also, a small historic village on the River Chew in the Chew Valley, Somerset. It is 7 miles from Bristol, 9 from Bath, and 4 from Keynsham.
The buildings in Woollard are beautifully built.
by wolfguardian17 July 11, 2008
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He is the sexiest beast the best player at rust and has a massive shlong. nothing is wrong with him and he is so cool his massive arms can destroy anything even the girls he beats sam is a yute and ill bang him out (RHYS IS FAT AND MATAS TOO)
by D2TRAPPYONROAD January 8, 2021
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