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noun: Points that a wook or wookie gains, when they take as many drugs as possible, grow long hair, and go to less mainstream, underground, filth artists, that make you want to punch every person around you in the face, when the song drops. Wook points can vary however. Say a wook were to wait a year to grow his hair out just for one wook sesh (BassCenter, Electric Forrest, ect.) they would get a 10-15 wook points based on length of hair. Giving youself a concussion from head-banging is pro wook status for a solid 35 wook points. Also being the best at something (the hardest head-banger, the smelliest person, the most drugged out, ect.) will get you many wook points. The point based system doesn't make much sense, but not making sense is the wook way so many wooks actually count their wook points by collecting pins on their camelbacks, and hats that value from 1 to 15 wook points depending on the size and price to keep track.
"Hey man, I like your dreads, did you just get those?"

" No, I got them 6 months ago and still haven't showered. I'm getting my wook points up for the ganja white night in Belgium!"
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by LavishJ July 12, 2017
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