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Mindless blathering of a brain dead trumptard who has guzzled too much trump jism, and can no longer speak coherently.
" Hey you stupid fucking trumptard, don't you know that imprisoning kids and drugging them is messed up?"

"womp womp!"

" I see that you still blowing the Dotard"

"Womp womp!"

"Useless piece of shit."
by Littlehandsdonniedotard June 22, 2018
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A particular German orcat’s calling card known by many this phrase can be used in a Myriad of ways. but really does not have a defined way to use in a sentence per say.
Womp womp’s in chat *proceeds to also say womp womp in a cute German accented voice*
by Trollkiller781 September 6, 2022
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Onomatopoeia, imitating sound heard during a game show when contestant has losses or is wrong. Used in lighthearted sometimes humorous conversations to indicate disappointment or problem.
Dang it! McRibs are gone till November. Womp Womp.
by Dandy Lioness October 21, 2019
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it's a case where you listen to to much dubstep and you start to here "womp womp" in your head
Bob:Hey did you hear that?
John:No what is it?
Bob:it sounds like womp womp
by neonnyancat July 11, 2011
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