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To abandon all rational thought in search of temporary adventure. Completely unplanned, impractical and without responsibility. Is fundamentally a physical journey in the spur of the moment to a destination known or otherwise.
Just drive south until we get somewhere or; It’s four in the morning, no bars are open what should we do? Lets go on a wombass to Banff, maybe jig with an old lady at a gas station on the way up then pass out on the couches in the Banff Springs Hotel ending when we get kicked out for riding the freight elevator into the kitchen and stealing bagels.
by Justin Coco March 23, 2006
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A walk/drive with no actually destination in mind.
Usually ends in being so fucking lost u have no idea how to get back home.
usually takes place while high on numerous mind altering drugs.
"wow im a high bastard....wanna go for a wombass"
by svtlight January 16, 2006
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When somebody does something stupid or gets in trouble for something.

Also another word for dumbass
“Yo guys ima do a backflip on the lunch table

Ray don’t be wombass doing this”
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by Zenive February 19, 2018
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