Winningtons are wonderfully weird people. They usually have huge families and have bad social cues. Winningtons are thankfully really good looking people with weird laughs. They have really a odd sense of humor and when they laugh its hard not to join in because they sound like farting pigs most of the time. But overall Winningtons are AMAZING people and you'd be pretty lucky to meet one.
Him - "Wow that Wiinnington over there makes me laugh"

Her - "Um why?"

Him - "she sounds like a farting pig HAHAHAHHAHA"

Her- *gives weird look *^leaves^*

Him - "Oh..."

by Mary.J.M.Browm April 15, 2014
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Small asian vagina, usual found under curry stained knickers.
" I whipped off her knickers and got an eyeful of putang winnington!"
by loopyfuckhead June 04, 2004
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