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Not to be confused with a Windows User or Windoze Luser, this is a person who uses Microsoft Windoze and has very little idea of what's going on with his computer. Has one of many characteristics (not an exhaustive list):

1. Total reliance on Daddy for anything technology related. (See Princess)
2. Obnoxious posts in help forums. (See example)
3. Inability to admit the existance/grooviness of other operating systems.
4. Dislike of learning or anything new, especially compiling.
5. Can't/Won't fix anything.
6. Starts Flamewars over piddly things.
7. Uses AOL.
8. Unwilling/Unable to use proper grammar or spelling.
1. Techie: What operating system do you have?
Windoze user: I don't know, daddy got it for me.

2. Thread Topic: Help ME PLZZ!!!!!!
yesterday my computer stoped i dont know how to fiks it i use itunes i have a paper do tomorow and if i dont do it i will CRY!!!!!! help me plz!!!!!!!

3. You use Linux? Nobody uses Linux! You Suck!

4. Edit a makefile? I never had to do that before!

5. (See example 2)

6. xchat Sucks!!!! LiNuX SuXz0rZ!!!!!!!!!!!

7. (See example 2)

8. (See example 2)

--Windoze User
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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