a dick that has had so much sexual arrousment in a short period of time that it is unable to carry on in its current physical state
"i had sex with three hoes and my wang has been limp all week
by adam is a sexy SOB February 19, 2005
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a dick that has had so much sexual arousment, that he is incapable of carrying on
"i had sex three times this week and ive been as limp as a dead fish!"
by adam told you mj February 17, 2005
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a toaster, something that you stick a piece of breat in to make toast or possibly grill cheese sandwich
Man stick your fork into pop up Willy n get my eggo
by the_toast_master April 5, 2005
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Where you lay on your stomach and hump your hand so God damn hard it makes your penis enhance larger in size.
I don't know what the fuck it is, i just caught my brother fucking a towel and he made it up. But i guess he has other people doing his Willy willy up up shit.
by Kenneth Valenclarke October 22, 2017
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