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when you prove someone wrong by looking it up on wikipedia
Anna: Which one is the cousin in Kings of Leon
Ellen: not sure, I think it's the guitarist
Anna: I thought it was the bassist
Ellen: No, I'm pretty sure I'm right....I'll look on Wikipedia.....
{looks on wiki}
Ellen: AHA I was right! You got wikislapped!
by AKLG December 28, 2008
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When someone is blagging knowledge, or just demonstrating ignorance about a subject, and you prove them wrong with evidence from Wikipedia; not dissimilar to wiki-owned but indeed quicker to say.
Katie: "Yeah they say that dicks are the new tits"
Ash: "According to Wikipedia's article on 'Buttock Cleavage', 'bums are the new tits'."
Katie: "Aw man I got wikislapped!"
by amkf :) December 28, 2008
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