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A girlfriend or wife that constantly bitches. No matter what you (or anyone) says, she takes the oppositional and defiant perspective. EXAMPLES: You want a car ... she wants a truck. You say OK let's get a truck and she says F-you we are getting a car. You are wrong before you open your mouth. She is the reason that more men are not married. "Why did you wash your last load with bleach ... what if I want to start my laundry with colors ?" She returns vegetarian Egg McMuffin (no meat) to McDonald's if she thinks that it touched the Canadian bacon and they afterwards took it off. Tears up passport photos and runs from the post office screaming that the government did not make her look good. Burns food and blames the stove. Constant conflict even on nice days. Wakes up in the middle of the night to bitch about something. Probably mental defect. Probably a positive correlation to fetal alocohol syndrome. Untreatable. She kills everything around her with negativity. Wifebitchers frequent domestic violence court.
We were going to meet friends at a Mexic an restaurant but my WIFEBITCHER did not want to eat Mexican and had a fit.

My friends drank heavily and listened to the scathing verbal attack delivered by my 3 martini wifebitcher at dinner.
by martinatty February 28, 2010
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