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the word would be described as: a word yelled spontaneously in reaction to an over-enjoyment of a simple action. this word is derived from three random friends living deep in baton rouge, louisiana. one day, they were walking down the street and as one of them got the urge to jump off of the curb, she yelled a completely random word "whooshka"
as she was running down the stairs, she jumped off the last two stairs and enthusiatically said "whooshka!"
by alisha! September 22, 2005
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The sound associated with the departure of a recently retrenched employee, as they hurriedly get fired, collect their cardboard box of possessions and are pushed out the office door by security.
Fitz got the whooshka today.. it'll be our turn next... hope the money is good!
by bmz101 February 08, 2012
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