On 11-20-22 scientists in the statistical developments department at UDN have discovered and proven that Leo does in fact love Jasper more.
Who loves who more?
Dude1: "who loves who more bruh?"

Dude2: " bruhhhh! Everyone knows Leo loves Jasper more"
by Definitely_Not_Leo November 21, 2022
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Someone who really loves the other more than everyone else ever.
Who loves who more?
Noir loves Yu more, and now it’s on Urban Dictionary so i’m in the right!
by CrazyNoir July 11, 2022
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this typically means one person loves another one more than they do but mostly josh loves calie more than calie loves josh.
Calie: i love josh more
josh: no, you're complely wrong, i love you more.

who loves who more? calie or josh? josh loves calie more
by joshtheawesomegreat March 17, 2021
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