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A slogan that is considered racist because in most of the cases it it used the intentions were racist.
8/10 times you hear someone say "White Pride", the following will happen

White Guy: White Pride!
Black Guy: What the heck?! Are you racist?
White Guy: Fuck yes! Fourteen Eighty-Eight!
Smarter White Guy: Shut up! You're the reason I can't express pride in my culture!
by Mr. Truth November 08, 2006
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(n) White pride is the action or state of being white and proud of your history and accomplishments as a whole. In is not inherently racist as brainlets claim to be, though it can be depending on the purposed and/or who said it.

Many other identities have a "proud to be x" slogan in their identity, but its usually not accepted to use white because social justice has taken a toll on rational thought.
- Tony said he's proud to be white, he has white pride.
- "Let's have a day of white pride" said Frank.
by An actual nazi July 13, 2019
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