An sexual act where you "Suck a man's dick from the behind".

Most commonly performed is in the men's bathroom or bedroom.
Example: "Yo Kyan! Alex just gave me a whirl-wind in the bathroom."
by Premium_Frog February 21, 2023
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what danielle does when she licks me right...umhum.
to lick the clit in a swirling motion.
She gave me the whirl wind.
by lattice and margie far June 4, 2003
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When a bearded man, or a guy with a beard, rubs his beard in a circular motion on a girl's vagina.
Bill: "Dude, I totally did the bearded whirl wind on her last night!"

Ted: "That's fucking awesome"

Bill: "Yeah mayne, she went cahrayzee"
by nipple_fuck June 26, 2009
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