The sound an engine makes.
The purposeful whir of the engine on the BMW 330ci made me feel borborigamus.
by Dunmore Pirate May 12, 2017
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Another word for word. Not a homophone, as a homophone is something pronounced the same but has a different meaning.
Guy1: That fool trying to cap on people using whirred is a dumbass, misusing homophone and shit.
Guy2: Whirrrrrrrrred!
by yanar October 3, 2005
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Whirred - Homophone of word. Used as an alternate spelling of 'word,' but indistinguishable in speech. Used primarily among the more nerdy groups as a means of trying to appear hip but still retain acceptance among fellow nerds. Can be used in place of 'word' in any phrase involving that word.
Hey, Ryan, did you check out my new motherboard I got installed on my computer?
by s3g2 April 20, 2004
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