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A Work Hen do, where both guys and girls are invited.
I went on a sick Whendo last night, we ended up going to Zens.
by Playles Towers August 10, 2018
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An excuse which sounds like a real word. Used to confuse the Mrs when you've gone out on a random week night clubbing session with all the alcohol intolerant, naive, impressionable young ladies from work. Supposed to represent a 'work hen do'. I.e. a wedding which you will have no obligation to attend in the future so there can be no awkward follow up questions.
"Why did you get in drunk at 4am this morning singing wonderwall to a kebab?"
'We had a whendo for (insert trailerpark name), she can't invite everyone to the wedding but wanted to celebrate with everyone from work."
by Gingerandbald August 10, 2018
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