A meme originating from the Fortnite streamer Ninja.
For a while people were saying in the stream chat (On Twitch) that Ninja died of Ligma. A disease in which someone starts to have blue hair, etc (Not real)
Ignorant people would ask "What's Ligma ?" and then get trolled.
-I can't believe Ninja died of Ligma
-What's Ligma ?
by ThingsIdRatherNotSay July 30, 2018
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What a totally unaware person would say in response to a statement with the word "ligma". The response to "what is ligma" would typically be "ligma balls", which sounds like "lick my balls". The victim would have no clue that what would follow would be the entirety of the people around him laugh their asses off and make fun of him for weeks.
Jake: hey dude one of my friends caught ligma yesterday
Tim: what is ligma
Jake: *snickers* ligma fucken balls bitch
Tim: *faints while everyone around him loses their shit*
by CantThinkOfAUsername July 25, 2018
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P1: Did you know Joe got Ligma?
P2: No! What's Joe? Who's Ligma?
P1: Ligma Mama! Joe my balls!
by JoeMama4206921 February 5, 2020
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