engaging in romantic or sexual behaviors with another person in an ambiguous way that does not necessarily imply monogamy or commitment to a serious relationship. Related to but not necessarily concurrent or synonymous with the terms "talking" and "dating."
She and I have been whatevering all summer, but I doubt anything'll come of it.
by Zapatistabanero January 7, 2007
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Really means- i hope you fall off a bridge, get run over by a boat and then get eaten by a shark.
'i wasn't thinking when i said that'

by theGirlNextToYou November 30, 2011
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As in:
Boy: I am exhausted today. Looking forward to going home and doing nothing, hopefully you're up for the same?
Girl: Yeah, whatever.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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Said when blowing someone off or not wanting to reply in fear of argument or debate.
My mom said I needed to apologize to my sister to which I responded,"whatever"!!!
by GloJaz June 28, 2015
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commonly used when someone is very pissed off at someone else, and doesn't wanna say anything and the other person automatically says are you mad at me?
Me: I'm in a bad mood. nothing makes sense right now.
Person 1: Boo hoo! the world revolves around you.
me: whatever. I have to go. take a shower or do anything else.
Person 1: are you mad at me?
me: *silence*
Person 1: I'm sorry I didn't mean it!
by Rea=P December 2, 2008
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Sentence enhancer used to show nonchalantness, it is usually placed at the end of a sentence.
Hey, sexy lady, would you like to catch a movie later on or whatever?

Alright, give me a call later on or whatever.
by 6 inches long October 13, 2010
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something not worth worrying about
nothing important
something that is beyond ones control
see shit happens
Lauren: "So duda, how do hard do you think that anatomy test will be?"
Duda: "ahh It's whatever"

Lauren: "So Avery, are you excited for prom!"
Avery: "It's whatever..."
by Alex Duda April 4, 2008
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