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when witnessing a failure in which you are confused as to how the failure happened or came to be.
colleen: OMG Brian did you just see what happened to that guy.
Brian: NO! OMG what the fail!?
by bricol7000 September 20, 2008
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A way of saying what the fuck or wtf and the same time as expressing your feelings about the event in question being a fail.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Justin Bieber not knowing what German was?
Guy 2: The language?
Guy 1: Yeah man.
Guy 2: Dude, what the fail?!
by bird875 May 07, 2010
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Think what the fuck.
Think fail.

Throw them together, and what do you get?
1) Upon seeing Berry's post of "I hove you", Harrie quickly exclaimed "What the fail!?"

2) Person 1- I just slipped and fell out of the shower, tripped over a mirror and decapitated my dog!
Person 2- WHAT THE FAIL?!
by Caek. December 15, 2009
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