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Whale Brain is the term used to describe someone whose brain is severely defected. It ceases to function normally without the required assistance of a helper such as a peer and family support or a health professional.

In early 2014, a case study was carried out on a test subject of the name Amy Devlin. She was soon diagnosed as the first human to suffer from whale brain being so far down the whale scale.

The symptoms include, inability to walk in a straight line, uncontrollable arm swinging, forgetfulness, difficulties speaking clearly, attention seeking, hostility, possessive over people and material objects, onset crying, confusion and declined personal appearance.

There is currently no known cures for the disorder.

SOURCES: Studies carried out by two registered health psychologists specialising in the area. Test subject is still currently suffering from the whale brain disorder.
When one walks unsteadily with odd arm movements.
When one is deep in conversation with a sufferer and they proceed to not intake any information or retain it.

This is a classic situation with a whale brain sufferer.
by Stranger Danger 69 March 27, 2014
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