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an attractive female who instiges sexual arousal of the male usually through the wearing of provocative attire, or merely by having an amazing rack/arse.
To call a girl a wetser is an act of great affection and admiration for the wetser in question.
hey man check out that wetser over there, nearly creamed myself looking at her ass in those tight jeans.
by Gearbag1 April 29, 2010
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A term for a woman who's attractiveness has caused her to gain more moisture than the air itself.
''Look at yer wan ,shes fooking driping wet''

''Here, have you seen that wetser over there? puddles have started to form around her''

''Yo, have you seen that wetser? I'd be surprised if she was to have any sort of vaginal dryness''

''I'm after slipping in the puddle my wetser sister has just left behind'

'Ah here, shes no wetser, she is as dry as a fuckin raisin''
by Splendad March 23, 2011
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