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A joint blunt or tobacco cigarette dipped in a liquid drug. The above definition says Embalming fluid but when i heard of it it was on the show COPS and was a joint dipped in liquid PCP. They got to the scene of the call and there was this big black guy butt naked who had smashed the window on one of the apartment complexes doors and was out of his F*cking mind spraying the cops with a fire hose!! When they finaly got him into the police car and to the hospital butt naked all the way the guy told the officer he smoked a WET DADDY!! He said wet daddy in the singular tense wich means he smoked ONE! If you ever smoke a joint laced with PCP it would be wise not so smoke it all unless you want to end up in the back of a police car naked.
Q:Whats wrong with that crazy naked guy with the fire hose??

A: Oh, That crazy ass nigga is just high as a kyte on sherman! He smoked a wet daddy!
by armetus November 01, 2007
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Ghetto ass way of getting high that I don't recommend. It is a cigarette (can be a joint too) dipped in embalming fluid. Don't even ask me how terrible it is for your lungs.
We were in Southside Chicago, and a crazy guy smokin a wet daddy bit me in my nose and took my wallet.
by Major December 16, 2004
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