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the public high school in westford, massachusetts. it boasts a pretty competitive college-bound atmosphere, so there's pressure to get involved with extracurriculars and sports. it definitely has its cliques, but they can blend pretty easily with one another; there aren't any turf wars or anything like that. good-looking girls, pretty successful sports teams, and 96% of its graduates go on to college, and 1% into armed services. so, if you aren't planning on going to college, you're in the minority. the mascot is the grey ghost, which sounds kind of lame, but is pretty unique. at least its not the freaking raiders or warriors, which everyone else seems to be. the football team usually loses to acton-boxborough on thanksgiving, except for 2005, when they won 7-6 in the snow. that was sweet. the staff at WA is pretty good, you can tell they care about the students.
dude, she goes to westford academy.
she must have some hot friends!

yeah, i graduated from WA. i go to harvard.
by landon g December 26, 2006
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High School in the Middlesex county of Massachusetts that is populated mainly by kids hoping to make it into Ivy League Schools. Most won’t get into Harvard, however, with one or two exceptions. Large quantities of academically strong minorities. Girls from Westford Academy tend to be hot, but about half are kinda prudish. The athletics are decently strong. The theater dept is really big and the shows are usually pretty good, but the kids in the theater clique think they're the most amazing thing ever and spend all their time hanging out with each other by the theater playing four square because they're "too cool to care.” The school's guys tend to either be preppy or "scene" but the only real difference between anyone is music preference because everyone in the school comes from an upper-middle class background or pretend to if they don't. So if you meet a kid from Westford academy you can surmise these few things- You're probably at an almost Harvard standard college, the kid has hot friends back home, he probably likes to wear tight pants and sing RENT songs in sing-along groups after school while playing four-square, and he probably has money. He also probably spent his time frequenting the "Parish" where mostly crappy local bands scream about how alone they feel and wear hoodies that accentuate how freaking skinny they are. Oh, and they'll refer to a place called the "WHOP" but it's not a racial slur, it's a pizza place otherwise known as the Westford House of Pizza.
a- hey, who is that chick? She's pretty hot.
b- whoa man, she's from Westford Academy, you can't deal with that.
a- yo, thanks for the heads up. I mean, she's hot, but who gives a fuck about what musicals she's been in?

example 2_
a: hey, why the tight pants?
b: playing the Parish. We're covering Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. And maybe one Call Her Alaska song. Man, they were so freaking good. Wanna go to the WHOP?
a: Eh, I'm feeling Silver Palate. Or Chilis.

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Where douche bags and sluts go to chill for 6 hours.
WA Laxer: Yo dude, lets talk about weed a lot
WA laxer 2: K, brah
Westford Academy laxer: dude weed is soooo cool. im wicked cool cuz i talk about it
by urgay28 March 14, 2010
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