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"Well you" (shortly just "wu") - a misspelling meaning good job, good one, nice one...etc. - meant either in honest or in ironical way as a spontaneous reaction on someone's action.

Originally coming from czech language's misspeling phrase "dobře ty" (dobře - well, ty - you) widely used amongst teenagers, but lately also spreading within wide public and also greatly deprecated by linguists and word-splitters.

It was originally meant to be just a positive would-be funny phrase, but subsequently became a sort of parasitic "lol-phrase" commenting someone's action or status without the one's instigation and either as a mean of honest praise, exaggeration (e.g. on someone's trivial success) or just "loling" on someone's failure or embarrassing event.
It can be occasionaly combined with a raised forefinger pointing to the person while saying it"

Many people also start using it in a joke as parody on the phrase itself as a kind of their defiance of it, but subsequently tend to use it excessivly as parasitic phrase.

Finally, 3rd or even 1st person mutations are also used with the same meaning.
e.g. - well he, well they, well me
"I finally managed to fix the problem." - "wellu";

one scores at a game - "WELLU!" *pointing forefinger* (could be a way of exaggeration);

"Unfortunately, I won't come tonight" - "wellu..." (expressing one's disapointment; fed-upness becase of someone's last minute cancel of appointment);

"ehm, i don't have the money yet...sorry" - "wellu" (expressing something like "wat?...hmmm...perfect...i was already counting with it..." when one has run out of words, don't know what to say in a pure surprise or it would be too long or worthless to say anything);

"She suddenly suprised me in underwear" - "wellu :D"

"I smashed my bike yesterday" - "lol...wellu"

one steps into a poo - "wellu"
by MAFATOR August 09, 2010
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