A guy who creates and plays a girl character in an RPG, especially to fulfill a personal roleplay or sexual fantasy. First attested use most likely by Asmongold, a popular World of Warcraft streamer, in a (maybe Poe's Law-esque) rant where he expressed his opinion that guys should only play guy characters in video games.
Asmongold: "I don't think that guys should play female characters. Uhh, I, I-- it's false advertising. It's just wrong, right? (...) It's like, if you-- if you wanna pretend to be a girl, OK, but what I hate is people that try to rationalize it, right? They're tryna like, 'Oh, I just did it randomly. I like the spell animations better.' Bruh, it's like, you're trying to pretend to be a girl on a video game. Like, just, just t-- just say the truth, OK? Just say the fucking truth -- be like, 'Yeah, I-- I wanna pretend to be a girl in a video game,' and if you tell me that I'll be like, "*scoffs and rolls eyes* OK," but I-- I'll, I'll r-- I'll respect it. (...) It's not like it's gay or something like that. It's being a weirdboy. So you see somebody playing a girl character and they're actually a guy in real life? That's a weirdboy. You understand? (...) 'Animations,' dude. Like it's-- that's such a joke, dude. You're pretending to be a girl on a game, dude. Some dude-- some dude plays a girl character with a slutmog, names himself Ashlee, and says it's because of the animations... Get the fuck outta here!"
by BsdVrt December 27, 2018
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Strange and Unusual, Having no life, no job, no girl, no guy, Social is nill. Likes Geeky stuff, Watches countless hours of tv.
by Patrick July 18, 2003
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